Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Applying for jobs

After applying for every relevant job that I could find, I started to think maybe these job websites were learning what kind of person I was.  Maybe they could even suggest some jobs that are similar to the jobs I've expressed an interest in.  Luckily one of these job websites has such a feature.  This morning I excitedly clicked the recommended jobs section, held my breath and was greeted with:

If my job seekers account was my girlfriend then  I would be very disappointed in her lack of knowledge about my career ambitions.  I've probably spent the same amount of time with my actual girlfriend as I have on this job site.  I've even started complimenting the website so that the relationship doesn't turn sour too quickly, I'll bring it chocolates next week and try and befriend its mother.

For the record, I don't speak German but I do a great German accent.  I might apply for that job and try to wing my way past the interviewers. "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" "NAH" ...actually that would be a terrible terrible waste of my abundance of time.

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